Find an Experienced Hip Resurfacing Surgeon

Are you wondering how to find an experienced hip resurfacing surgeon?
You've come to the right place. Surfacehippy members have submitted names of skilled hip resurfacing surgeons across the United States and around the globe. Begin your search and interview process by downloading and printing-out a fact sheet for surgeons in your area. Note that these surgeons are experienced but they may not recommend hip resurfacing in your case. Each surgeon has somewhat different criteria for selecting patients for hip resurfacing. These can change with time as new research results are published and opinions change. If these criteria are not listed in the fact sheet, ask for details in the Surfacehippy group forum.

Hip Resurfacing Patients: Would you like to add or modify a fact sheet?
Please download a blank fact sheet here, edit it in your favorite text editor and e-mail it to the Surfacehippy owner/moderator, kbrews AT cox DOT net. If you want to modify an existing fact sheet to add or correct information, please put the new or changed info in a blank form and I will merge it with the existing form and upload the new version to the site. Thanks to all patients for helping make this a valuable and accurate resource.

Surgeons: Would you like your practice included here?
This is a free service to match prospective patients with experienced surgeons. Please fill out a blank fact sheet; be sure to include your hip resurfacing experience and any firm selection criteria you use. Email it to kbrews AT cox DOT and I consider adding to the directory if sufficient experience is evident.

Latest Update: January 18, 2015

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Notes:Dr.Christine Young of Scarborough, ON and Dr. Victoria Avram of Hamilton, ON are no longer doing hip resurfacing.
Dr. Frank Smith of Hamilton, ON has retired.


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